Title Holders

Here I want to post all the Pugs who have attained agility titles! If you have a Pug that has attained an agility title, please send me their names! Thanks!


Roxanna Roxannadanna NA NAJ NGC NJC BJamie Swanson
Lucky Newman Berger CD NA NAJDMari Beth Baumberger
Glory's Relaxed Fit Button Fly NAC O-OJC NGC NA NAJ CGCDLaurie Buckley
My Angel's CiCi Noelle CGC, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ PD1, ADBKimberly Greer
J-K's Knick Knack Jamie NA, NAJBRenee Danhof, Kay Sisson, Jill Hagen
Ruby Mack Chen MX, AXJBCarolyn I. Yamane
Spunky Routten Allison CD, NA BKathy Routten
Toots Sweet NAP NPJ BSonja Winter

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