Agile Pugs

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Kismets Magic Doll

Owned by Ashley Fischer

Whoopee is Reggie's half sister. They have the same mother and both their fathers are Cado pugs. Whoopee is just a year old, born September 2001. Like Reggie, Whoopee has a perfect body and the personality for the breed ring. Fortunately for them, neither has quite enough nose roll for them to be competitive. When our breeder saw how well Reggie was doing in agility, she became intrigued and asked us if we would consider taking Whoopee in for the fall and working with her to see if she might be an agility prospect. Needless to say, we fell in love and she is now ours. And looks as if she is going to be a great little agility dog. She may not have Reggie's intense drive (very few dogs do), but she loves her training, learns quickly and has an intense desire to please. Stacey Peardot-Gaudy told me that they say drive comes from the mother. So far, I have to say she may be right. We have a great trainer with an indoor facility, so with luck and success, we will be able to enter Whoopee in some jumpers classes next spring. She is already doing half a NADAC jumpers course admirably. Stay tuned!.