Agile Pugs

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Stumblin' Shaili's Shenanigans CGC, NA, NAJ, NAC, NAC-O, NAC-S, NGC, NGC-O, NGC-S, NJC, NJC-O, NJC-S
and earned the Triple Superior Award from NADAC at the Novice Level.

Owned by Kelly McFaul-Solem (handler) & Randy Solem

Shaili, on the other hand, is psycho! She "stormed" into our lives at a year old -- she was "rehomed" to us. She came from a life of being tied to a porch all day long in a mobile home park. She was very fat, but oh so adorable!! Soon after we got her, the weight started coming off and we noticed a clicking sound in her leg. She had to have luxating patella surgery on it and recovered very well -- never thought we would do Agility with her, but the little devil loves it! She is referred to as the "Border Pug" at Agility class! I swear she is a herding breed! She always keeps me on the edge and I have learned a ton from her. Her drive for the sport keeps it very exciting for me -- even though we do not qualify that much, we have a blast! Both pugs make me laugh all the time out there -- they are very humbling! We really watch them in the heat though, and often pull them from runs if it is too hot -- it is just a game !!:) My biggest problem is remembering which one I have out there -- one time I ran Gypsy and kept calling her Shaili -- I got done running, and the scribe ran over demanding to know which dog I had out there!! I did not even realize I was calling her the wrong name!!
Both pugs have qualified for NADAC Nationals for 2002 and we hope to be going!!!