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Sir Reginald of Kismet NAC NGC

Owned by Ashley Fischer

My pug, Reggie, is 2 and a half years old, born April 2000. He is the first dog I have actually competed with in any venue. He started following his English Cocker sister, Molly, through tunnels when he was about 14 weeks old. He HATED obedience so the trainer suggested we play around with agility when he was not even 6 months old . That's how he learned his obedience because all of a sudden, it was fun. We started really training him when he was just about a year old and the rest is history. He let us know that he wanted to compete so here we are with a new family activity. Reggie started trialing this past spring. His trainers refer to his inner Border Collie because he is fast, driven and absolutely obsessed with agility. So far he has 2 NADAC Novice Regular legs and his NADAC Novice Gamblers title. He just achieved an AKC JWW leg. AKC and USDAA legs will be harder for us because he thinks stopping for the table is a complete waste of time. That's OK though. In this first year of competing, our goals were for a well behaved dog who listened to mom and who liked playing the game. Mission accomplished and the Q's were just bluebirds. Even when we make mistakes, he is a real crowd pleaser because he always has a sense of humor in the ring. Our start is unique. I carry him up to the start line. His little legs are already going and he is squealing. I put him down, line him up for the first two obstacles, let go and run like Heck. He barks and squeals all the way around the course. No matter what happens in the future, he will keep us all laughing.