Agile Pugs

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Chopstix Made In China CGC

Owned by Lindsay Vest

The first addition to the page is my boy Levi! He is not only my first agility dog, but also my first Pug. We started out competing in Junior Showmanship, which he was a wonderful and easy dog to show. He didn't pan out for conformation. So, when I became to old to show in Jr's anymore I decided to try obedience classes with him. He learned quickly, even though he would often show his typical Pug personality at times, and got his CGC. At the end of our first session the instructor brought some agility tunnels to try for fun. Was I surprised when Levi LOVED them! So, we started agility classes and have been doing well. I never plan to compete with him now, as he is getting quite old (and a little fat ^_^.